Window’s 7 Starter netbooks



Got a new fab netbook with windows 7 starter but can’t put your favourite pictured as your wallpaper?. Easy use “stardock my colours” . or just type “stardock my colours” into Google search bar. shortcut on desktop after download.

Comes with free themes and also allows you to copy and paste your favourite photo into the picture folder. eg. doubleclick: Computer > HardDrive C> users> public> public pictures> sample pictures> drop your photo or favourite wallpaper in here.

Close folder (x). Start Stardock-myColors from the desktop. Comes free with “Diamond” theme or “Think Green”  Select your preference, click apply (allow a good couple of minutes, depends on speed of netbook) To change wallpaper, go to wallpapers at top of mycolors and select your image. To use the wallpaper without the themes, click “Windows 7 Aero” on left column. ( no need to register it unless you want extra themes, free to use otherwise) Have fun.

TIP: Upgrade to Windows 7 ultimate, works perfect on my netbook. For an even cheaper way to improve your netbook performance why not upgrade the 1gb memory to 2gb: purchased from . This website has free shipping and a free tool to scan your netbook or laptop to make sure you get the correct ram. Prices from 30euro..

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