Video link on your LinkedIn Profile



when you have seen one LinkedIn profile you have really seen them all, there really is not that much difference in the layout besides names of Colleges, Job Titles, Websites etc. So what would make it stand out!! How about a video! Even better its free. On linkedIn you have the option of adding Applications, see end of the profile after clicking on Edit Profile. One of these options is WordPress, which can be pretty useful to include in your LinkedIn Profile if you have one.

The application I will be using for this little tutorial is SlideShare. Join up for a free account. Have the video you want on your LinkedIn profile on yourtube, could be a college project, a presentation etc. Add the SlideShare application on to your LinkedIn profile by clicking on Profile ( after your logged in of course), Edit Profile, and near the end of the profile you will see add an Application. This will give your a grid of the different applications you can add to your profile. Check them out, you will see there is also a files applications which could be useful for your cloud storage that I have mentioned in a previous post Cloud Storage.

Now the difficult part, na only kidding, create a simple PowerPoint slide. Open Microsoft Office on you PC, go to PowerPoint, it should open in default on a blank new PowerPoint presentation.

Type in the name of the video, or some kinda of Introduction, or you could just leave it blank as the video will speak for its self when it will start playing automatically, save the PowerPoint (slide) with a name you’ll remember when you look for it to upload it to SlideShare and to a place you,ll find it.

I find it handy to have a folder in my documents will all my WordPress stuff in it, good PC housekeeping will always save you time. On SlideShare click on the big upload button, find the PowerPoint and upload.

Give it time to do its stuff, give it a name while its doing it, when its finished go to your username on the top right in SlideShare, on the drop down click on My Uploads. This will have the slide that you just uploaded and now you want to add the video link to it.

Click on Edit, a list of options will appear, these are self explanatory. Go to the top of this page and three different tab options are available, Edit, Replace and Edit Your Tube Videos . Select the tab Edit YourTube Videos, now you need to get a copy of the link from the YouTube video you uploaded earlier, usually under the video under share.

Paste the link in to the section “Enter YouTube video URL” . To select when you want the video to start playing, select from “ Insert this video ” to “Before Slide 1”, to start playing straight away. Recommended option as otherwise the video might not be noticed but when viewers of your profile hear the video playing they will scroll down to view it.

If you prefer an intro ( typed while creating the PowerPoint slide) to your video choose “After Slide 1″. When you have the video link or links inserted click on Insert & Publish. There is an option to view the presentation. Once the application has being added to LinkedIn the Presentation will automatically load. Enjoy