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meWho am I?

Hi, my name is Loreto and I am a Graphic Designer and I am available to provide computer tutorials to individuals and small groups.  I am also involved in Adult Literacy Tutoring.  I live just outside beautiful Listowel in North Kerry, Ireland.  

So what is Adult Literacy?

In the past literacy was considered to be the ability to read and write. Today the meaning of literacy has changed to reflect changes in society and the skills needed by individuals to participate fully in society.  

“Adult Literacy involves listening, speaking, reading, writing, numeracy and using everyday technology ( Computers, Mobile Phones, Tablets  etc) to communicate and handle information.”  

Services I Provide

I provide level 3 private 1-2-1 or small group computer lessons for students, adults and retired people. Level 3 is ideal for those adults who do not wish to be tested but still want to learn new skills.  The lesson is assessed by work completed and computer skills demonstrated.  “Do you have a busy business but your computer skills are slowing you down?  Then don,t delay get in touch today.” Lessons Designed For beginners, more experienced users & everyone in between using Windows or Macs PCs.

Contact me : eMail: Click Here to Email me.

Lessons can be delivered in your own home at your convenience. I am a qualified professional with a proven track record and results guaranteed.

    • Learn Basic Computers Skills for Beginners -The Mouse, Keyboard and Windows Environment..including Windows 7, 8.1 and the new Windows 10.
    •  Microsoft Word 2010. Learn how to properly format documents, display data using tables and charts, use illustrations, and perform a mail merge. This is an ideal course for beginner to intermediate users…(Free eBook available)
    • The Internet – learn the different browsers: Internet Explorer (or Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.)
    • E-mail – Windows Mail, Configure your desktop mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Google Mail etc.
    • File Management – Organising your files and folders with Windows Explorer.
    •  Scanners and Cameras – How to scan documents and photographs. Downloading photos from your camera. Uploading your photos to Facebook using your Smartphone or Computer Tablet.
    • Graphics & Photo Editing – learn to brighten your photos, edit or chop your photos.
    • Multimedia – Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver,( learn to create your own website!! no coding involved.)
    • Get the most from Social Networking – facebook, twitter, YouTube , LinkedIn etc.
    • Learn How to Back up your Valuable Documents – more info.
    • Making the most of Cloud Storage – Dropbox , One Drive, Google Drive etc..  more info.

All lessons will include printouts with step by step instructions….

My Qualifications:

2020 Certificate,  Supervisory Management – QQI Level 6 – Distinction

2019 Certificate, (N0233 ) Manual Handler Instructor- QQI Level 6- Distinction

2018  Certificate, ( 6N2191) Leadership HCT. – QQI Level 6 – Distinction 

2017  Certificate, ( 5N1354) Manual & Computerised Bookkeeping Award , Distinction QQl level 5

2016  Certificate ( 5N1546), Manual & Computerised Payroll Award -Tax year 2015, Distinction QQI Level 5

2016: WIT Microteaching Module: Higher Certificate in Arts in Literacy Development.

2015: ECDL Version 6 ( Word Processing etc)

2014: Registered with The teaching Council of Ireland in Further Education for adults in Information Technology in Education, and Interactive Media.

2013: Distinction: Train the Trainer (FETAC Level 6 Certificate) at the The Open College

2010: (Level 8) Second Class Honours: MSc in Educational Technologies .  In Munster Technology University, Tralee.   My final year thesis is titled ” An investigation into factors that influence senior citizens in their uptake of IT Skills“. This thesis would not have been possible without the time and patience from members in the local ARGs ( Active Retirement Groups) such as Buds (Ballyduffs Active Retirement Group) and TARA ( Tralee Active Retirement Association).

2009: ( Level 9) First Class Honours: BA (Hons)in Interactive Multimedia from Munster Technology University , Tralee. My 4th year project is an Interactive Animated Flash Book that can be played on any Computer. The Flash book is completely interactive and has speaking instructions and other related sounds).

2005: 11 Distinctions: Multimedia Productions (Level 5) at the Tralee Community College .



  • Folklore Administrator & Scribe
  • Invigilator with North Kerry College of Education  and with Munster Technology University (MTU)
  • Part-time Tutor with Kerry Education & Training Board in…
    Adult Literacy through the Interactive Whiteboard.
    -Reading & Writing
    -Basic Computers skills
    -English Communication (Level 3)

• Part-time Tutor with Access & Disability Student Support at Munster Technology University, Tralee, in Web Applications, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc.

• Freelance Computer Tutor & Graphic Designer specialising in murals & book illustrations.

Free Online literacy resources can be found at my website KerryVolunteerTutors.Weebly.com on improving your spelling -to tips on getting the most out of your pc.

 My business page is www.Lanpcs.com

My Mission Statement:

I believes that self-reliance is a vital key to living a healthy and productive life.  To be self-reliant one must master a basic set of skills.   One of the most essential skills in today’s society is to have basic computer knowledge.  People of all ages have to become increasingly reliant on computers,  from communicating with friends and family members to computerised searching, shopping and accessing on-line information.  I am available & trained to give step by step lessons on all stages of computer knowledge, with easy to read printouts.


“Hi Loreto, thanks for your help. I passed everything and got the degree 🙂 I added a tenner as a personal thank you, couldn’t have done it without your help. Emma”

“Hi,Mary here, just to say thanks for all the help using our mac, Johnny and myself are much more  comfortable using it now”

“Hi Loreto,it’s Michelle,I had you for my web page grinds,I ended up passing. Thanks so much for your help-thanks again :)”

“Dear Loreto, I hope you are well. I just want to thank you. Sheila, Joan and myself did really well in web apps. We all passed. God bless. Love, Heidi.”

“Hi Loreto, How are u? Passed da Dreamweaver exam got 38% in Web apps but got trough as I was over 70% in Irish. Thanks for all your help. Mary”

“Hi Loreto, Just got this back from my supervisor on my thesis:” The assignment is impressive and seems to be well constructed” I,m delighted, could’t have done it without your help, thank you. M”

“Hi, just to let you know I passed the Webb exam, thanks again for all your help. G”

“Loreto has the capability to listen and respond to client needs on a creative level. She has produced work on my behalf which needed very little change so the finished product was done quickly.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and look forward to working with her on other projects in the future.”  Angela . Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

“Loreto has just helped me get my website up and running and given me the skills to run and manage it myself. I will definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about Dreamweaver.” Christine.Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

“Loreto is very creative and innovative in her work in multimedia and graphic design. She is a cheerful and outgoing person which shows in her work and i can guarantee her work is never dull.
Oh and she is amazing at calligraphy too”  , Nic

Reusable Learning Tutorials

As part of my Masters I had to  create Customized RLO tutorials (Reusable Learning Object) on any subject matter.   RLO’s are multi-media files designed to help people learn what is usually a small chunk of material and are usually a stand-alone application.  I have included a link to them on this page if anyone want to use them.

These Flash Tutorials can be played either online or offline, please contact me if you would like a stand alone copy on a CD.   These will not work on an iPad ( ps. Flash will not work on an Ipad).   A break down of the individual flash files are below.  Please go to my website Lanpcs.com for more tutorials on Laptop components and a laptop quiz.   Click back on browser to return to this blog afterwards.

Example a:
PC Desktop Tutorial .  This will open in a new browser window,  Click back on browser to return to my blog afterwards. when you have finished the PC Desktop Tutorial try testing your knowledge using example b below.

Example b:
PC Desktop quiz : Use your mouse to learn all the components of a PC Desktop by clicking & dragging on the labels.  Click back on browser to return to my blog afterwards.

Please go to my Website LANPCS for a full list of Free Online Tutorials and other computer tips.

Want to find your way around Windows 7/8, Vista, Microsoft Office 2007/’10 and previous versions of Office?   Learn how to use the internet to its best advantage and how to email friends and family.   Learn how to update your website using HTML and other tips.   People learn in different ways and training is therefore more effective if it is tailored to the individual. 1:1 tuition is also the most time efficient way of training.  Give a shout if you want some tutoring.

Example : Copy & Pasting Tutorial

Screen Recording of my 4th Year Project: 

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